Water Feature Installers Servicing the Brookline, Newton, Weston & Wellesley, MA Area

Our boulder panel system allows us to create the most beautiful landscape water features and pool water features to residents around the Brookline, Newton, Weston and Wellesley, MA area. We offer a variety of water features and you can custom design any feature to match your patio, garden, pool or the rest of your outdoor living space. With our boulder panel system, you can personally design your water feature from the shape, size, design, colors, location and even the texture so no two will ever be alike.

Some landscape water features and pool water features we offer:

Patio Water Features

Koi Ponds

Pondless Waterfalls

Backyard Waterfalls

Garden Water Features

Masonry Water Walls

Pool Grottos

Custom Waterslides

Poolside Caves

Boulder Pool Waterfalls

And More!

Almost any pool in Massachusetts can withstand our pool water features. The lighter weight, engineered stone material we use prevents the boulder water feature from inflicting too much pressure onto your pool’s structure. With Masonworks LLC, you can create the ultimate water park experience that is exciting for everyone of all ages. And, like out landscape water features, our pool water features can also be customized to the exact look and design layout that you would like. Any add-on feature such as, custom waterslides, benches and even modular staircases can also be implemented into your new pool water feature for enhanced water action.

We create the most durable engineered boulders with our engineered stone material and boulder panel system so you can enjoy your landscape water feature or poolside water feature for a lifetime. Our boulders are resistant to harsh weather conditions, heavy impacts, extreme heat and abrasion. And, the panels we use to create our boulders are direct imprints from real stone, cliffs, and ledges so your boulder water feature will look and feel 100% like the natural counterpart. If you are looking for a more rustic look, we also offer water features under our masonry services. No matter what you envision, we can make it happen. Contact us today to learn more about our water feature installation services and turn your backyard into a private getaway!

Weather Resistant Boulders

Weather Resistant Boulders

Our boulders can withstand the most harsh weather conditions such as, heavy impacts, freeze-thaw cycles, extreme heat and abrasion.


Natural Look & Feel

Natural Look & Feel

We use panels that are made from direct imprints of real stone, cliffs, and ledges so your boulder water feature will look and feel 100% like a real boulder.


Relaxing Atmosphere

Relaxing Atmosphere

From the sound of tickling water to the oasis inspired design, water features add a soothing atmosphere to any backyard.

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