Lawn Maintenance Services for Landscapes around the Brookline, Newton, Weston & Wellesley, MA area

We are dedicated to providing all Massachusetts homeowners with a healthy, beautifully kept lawn. Masonworks LLC fulfills this commitment through several different services from lawn mowing to leaf clean up, landscape design and installation, new lawn installation, irrigation systems and snow removal services. It is important to maintain your lawn to preserve the vitality, appearance and overall health of your landscape. Depriving your lawn of standard lawn maintenance can result in dead grass patches, plant and tree over growth and tarnish the appearance and value of your home.

Here are some lawn maintenance services we offer that can keep your property looking refreshed:

Landscape Design

New Lawn Installation

Irrigation Systems

Spring and Fall Cleanup Services

Snow Plowing and Removal

We offer free estimates and upon our first consultation we can design the best lawn maintenance plan that will keep your grass, plants and trees at their healthiest. If your lawn needs more life added to it, we also offer water features, water fountains and a variety of plants that will brighten up your property. Our lawn maintenance services provide long term results to your yard year after year. A well kept and maintained lawn can stimulate early, strong and rapid root growth. In addition, lawn maintenance also helps the grass withstand stress, drought and disease.

We also provide lawn mowing services and a leaf clean up services. At Masonworks LLC, we don’t see any job as too big or too small; so if all you need is a lawn care specialist to mow the yard or a simple leaf cleanup, we are happy to help! We will leave your landscape looking absolutely beautiful and vibrant! Contact us here to start improving the overall health and appearance of your lawn and to get a free estimate on  your lawn maintenance service.

Long Term Effects

Long Term Effects

Maintaining your lawn can stimulate early, strong and rapid root growth.


Fortified Grass

Fortified Grass

Our lawn maintenance services keeps the roots of grass and plants strong and helps the grass withstand drought and disease.


Custom Lawn Maintenance Plans

Custom Lawn Maintenance Plans

We can create a custom lawn maintenance plan that will fit your budget and keep your lawn at its healthiest.

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